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We’re not a software company, and we’re not suits who waltz in with fast talk and boring reports.

We are friendly digital, financial and systems experts who offer practical and life-changing guidance to help you transform your allied health practice.

Digital health systems + tech

Implement digital health systems that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction + make life easier for you, your staff and patients.

Implement these and more in your practice:

  • Secure messaging between you and other providers – ditch the fax
  • Patient privacy and data security
  • Digitised patient records
  • Tools to run telehealth sessions
  • Track and monitor patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Online bookings and digital payment collection
  • Digital forms and streamlined collection of patient information
  • Exercise prescription software for better treatment outcomes (value add)
  • Automate patient communication, reminders and follow ups to minimise no shows and cancellations
Making sense of your numbers in allied health private practice

Admin + processes

Automate and streamline office and admin processes, and eliminate manual mundane tasks.

We’ll help you:

  • Choose the right practice management software (PMS)
  • Set up effective templates in your PMS
  • Integrate your PMS with your accounting software
  • Automate your bookkeeping
  • Make staff payments easier
  • Add digital payment options and merchant facilities
  • Chase outstanding invoices and improve debt collection
  • Adopt our smart ‘one click’ payment system for bills
  • Implement instant messaging to improve communication

Financial management

A picture tells a thousand words – and your numbers are the Picasso of your business.

Reports and figures tell you everything about your practice and clients, and help you find opportunities for growth and increased profit.

The good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

We’ll help you answer these critical questions:

  • How do I increase profits without adding more patients?
  • Are my associates and contractors pulling their weight?
  • Should I increase my fees – and what would happen if I did?
  • Which clients are referring us, and which are spreading negative feedback?
  • What are our overheads, and how do I work out my break even point?
  • What is cashflow, and where does all my money go?
  • How do patients find me?
  • How much is a referral worth to my business?
  • How effective is my marketing?
  • Where should I focus my marketing and why?
  • Am I using my office space properly?
  • Is my admin team effective at booking patients?
Is your practice making enough money
bookkeeping allied health


Quality bookkeeping is vital to the success of your practice.

Our expert team are Xero digital bookkeepers and specialise in allied health practices.

Business coaching

Have you just started your own practice and now finding the business side of things really tough?

Get one on one coaching and be supported to grow your own successful private practice.

Nicole offers coaching packages to help you:

  • Put in simple processes and practice software to make admin and bookings easy
  • Understand your numbers and simplify your bookkeeping
  • Help with working out your niche and how to stand out from others
  • Remove the fog and overwhelm of getting started
  • Build confidence in yourself as business owner
  • By being someone to bounce ideas off and turn to when business is getting tough