Business coaching packages

Hi, I’m Nicole and I help self employed counsellors and psychologists become confident business owners.

The business side of running your own private practice is tough. Without knowing how to run a business you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and wondering if you did the right thing.

“What’s the point of being in business if it costs you your sanity”

When you get the business stuff sorted, understand what you need to do – you are free to do the work you love and will start to experience the freedom and joy that comes from being your own boss.


I coach you one on one, for as long you need and equip you with exactly what YOU need to run your own private practice.


I believe in creating a business that works for you – not what everyone else thinks you should be doing. I guide you to find your own niche, your own special contribution to the world and then equip you with the business skills you will need to make it a success.


You may want to stay solo or you might want to grow a practice with a team – either way, we figure out what makes you happy and I support you to get there.


If you have just started out in practice for yourself or thinking about it – contact me for an initial chat and find out what working together would look like for you.



Your work is to help improve the wellbeing of your clients – my job is to ensure we protect yours.