Your practice cares for others.
But who cares for you and
your practice?

We do. Having spent over 10 years in accounting, our team has worked with business owners across a myriad of industries to help improve business practices that lead to better cash flow and increased profit.  

Our favourite businesses?
Those that improve the lives of others.

We know you never take the easy way out, and often put staff and patient needs ahead of your own. This may be fine for a while, but in the long term it can damage your own health and wellbeing.
This is why we work exclusively with allied health professionals.
We apply our expertise in digital systems, efficiency and accounting to help you:
  • save time and money
  • enjoy more personal freedom
  • meet the demands of today’s patients
  • leverage the latest digital health systems for your benefit
  • offer a more competitive service
  • improve your cash flow and profit

Our goal for you

What was your dream when you opened your practice?

Was it to be tired, stressed, and struggling with cash flow? Did you want to focus all your energy on retaining clients, beating your competition, and dealing with constant regulatory changes? Probably not!

Our goal is to help you achieve your original business dream by showing you how to make your business work for you.

Be a leader in your field

Stand out from competitors with a modern, efficient practice that delivers a great customer experience.

Define who you are + sell what you do with more confidence, clarity and creativity.

Deliver advanced healthcare

Embrace the latest healthcare changes and leverage them for your benefit.

Build lasting customer relationships + attract and retain the best practitioners.

Achieve a better life/work balance

Genuinely enjoy your work and have more time for life.

Discover new ways to operate + transform your practice, your mind, and your business’s bottom line.

About Nicole

Nicole is the director of Business Mind, and lead consultant. She is backed by a wonderful support team, who give her the freedom to focus exclusively on her clients.

Nicole started her first business in primary school and hasn’t looked back – launching her first official business in her early 20s. Young and naïve, Nicole struggled with cash flow highs and lows, the prospect of bankruptcy, and chronic stress.

The experience taught her valuable lessons, and she gained an incredible mentor who guided her on how to succeed with simple strategies.

Nicole fell in love with the language of business (accounting) and studied for years before building her own successful bookkeeping practice from scratch, which she has now run for over 18 years.

She brings her experience + mentor lessons + accounting skills + digital expertise on her journey to improve allied health practices across Canberra and beyond.

Why allied health?

A decade ago, Nicole experienced the monumental shift new tech brought to bookkeeping and accounting practices. Gaining a deep understanding of automation, she found unique ways to employ it to save time and money.

With many of her bookkeeping clients in the allied health industry, she realised they were going through the same technology shift – but with some of the most advanced digital systems seen in any industry.

So Nicole launched Business Mind to help every allied health professional:

  • make sense of their numbers
  • automate their practices
  • integrate smart admin systems
  • save time and money
  • make life easier


The ultimate business model is profitable, systemised, scalable and self-sufficient.

You can build a business like this, from scratch, and be in control of your own life.

Business gives you the freedom and autonomy you can’t get from employment. With the right mindset, skills and knowledge, your business can give you the life you aspire to.

Your value as the business owner is not in doing the work – that’s for your employees. Your value is in your creative ideas, strategy, and what you BRING to the business.



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